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Quick Up Pat. Pend.

Quick Up is a tool developed especially for the opening of bib (bag in box)
Quick Up is ideal when functionality and efficiency are keywords
Quick Up ensures minimum waste
Quick Up is approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Download technical data and directions for useĀ here

AVAILABLE IN TWO COLOURS: Blue for milkshake. Red for ketchup.

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See Quick Up in use here

PA 66+PA6, Grilon TSG-15 FA
Spring: AISI 304
Powerful and hard-wearingLong durability
Ergonomic designMinimum risk of wrist injuryNo injuries/sick leave
Easy to useAll employees can now easily open the bibsTime saving
Easy to cleanDishwasher proof at 90 degrees celciusHygienic
Available in two colours - red and blueRed for Ketchup
Blue for Shake - Sundae - Soft ice
No contamination
Basis station:
in two colours - red and blue
Quick Up is always easy to findEasy storage