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Quick Up Pat. Pend.

Quick Up is a tool developed especially for the opening of bib (bag in box)
Quick Up is ideal when functionality and directions for use here

AVAILABLE IN TWO COLOURS: Blue for milkshake. Red for ketchup.

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See Quick Up in use here

PA 66+PA6, Grilon TSG-15 FA
Spring AISI 304
Powerfull and hard-wearingLong durability
Ergonomic designMinimum risk of wrist injuryNo injuries / sick leave
Easy to useAll employees can now easily open the bibsTime saving
Easy to cleanDishwasher proof at 90 degrees celciusHygienic
Available in two colours -
red and blue
Red for Ketchup
Blue for Shake - Sundae - Soft ice
No contamination
Basis station:
in two colours - red and blue
Quick Up is always easy to findEasy storage